Wind turbines generate energy for EZ Go Stores

October 17, 2013 by  
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They look more like futuristic weather vanes than wind turbines, but they do generate electricity for the EZ Go Store at 25th and O streets.

Oklahoma-based EZ Go Store installed a pair of Energy Ball V-200 wind turbines at the store this summer and plans to install another pair at its second Lincoln location, opening around Nov. 1 at 84th Street and Windmill Drive. 

Carey Johnson Jr., president of EZ Go Stores, said the small turbines produce about 2 to 3 percent of the electricity used at the convenience store. It’s not enough to power refrigeration or gas pumps, but it helps offset energy costs.

“Architecturally, we like the look. It’s got energy. It’s got motion. It speaks a lot about what we are as a brand,” he said in a phone interview. “We do get a lot of (customer) comments.”

The price tag for the pair of turbines, designed in Holland, was about $20,000. 

The EZ Go Store at 84th Street and Windmill Drive will be the company’s fifth windmill installation. Three others are in Oklahoma.

Johnson said the convenience store at 25th and O streets uses all of the electricity generated and does not sell any to Lincoln Electric System.

Marc Shkolnick, manager of energy services for LES, said there are only a handful of small wind turbines operating in Lincoln: Southeast Community College near 88th and O streets, Gateway Professional Building at 600 N. Cotner Blvd., a turbine near 84th Street and Nebraska 2 and two at residences.

Shkolnick doesn’t believe more businesses will install small wind turbines in the future. Instead, they will turn to solar energy, he said, which works better in urban environments.

LES only tracks small wind and solar projects interconnected with the utility. Of 34 such systems, five are wind, he said. The rest are solar.

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