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Mandela’s real triumph was to dilute the ANC’s Marxist line

Interviewing Denis Goldberg, the white communist who was on trial with Nelson
in 1964, the Today programme’s Evan Davis seemed
taken aback by Goldberg’s reference to “the 10,000 who were murdered between
Nelson’s release and him becoming president”, which he ascribed to “the
brutality of security forces gone crazy”.

Davis clearly didn’t realise that the vast majority of those killings arose
not from “the brutality” of whites but, as I more than once reported here at
the time, from the murderous war waged by black ANC members against Zulu
supporters of Inkatha – to ensure the political dominance of the future
South Africa by a party of which Goldberg himself, like many other
communists, was a leading member.

On the night Mandela was freed from prison, I was with my friend Laurens Van
der Post, who had long been working behind the scenes, not least with
Margaret Thatcher, in moves towards getting Mandela released, as a key step
in the transition from white rule.

As we listened to Mandela’s first laborious speech to a vast crowd, Laurens
was despondent to hear it full of leaden communist clichés. But it became
evident that a lot of this had been written for him, and although much about
the ANC was to remain dubious, one of Mandela’s greatest achievements was to
wean it away from the ruthless hard‑line Marxism that had long been such an
influential part of its ideology.

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